On Wednesday we wear onesies.
I am incredibly sorry about my blog, it's just a giant clusterfuck of everything.
I'm Maddy, English, uninteresting, overly emotional (seriously) and I watch a lot of tv shows.
I always tag spoilers ((At the moment "Spn Spoilers" for season 9 and "Teen Wolf Spoilers" for (obviously) Teen Wolf))
Also I track Penteagram so please feel free to tag me x


ok but a slytherin student from some hoity-toity pureblood family becoming ridiculously infatuated with muggle culture

and they just approach some muggleborn gryffindor who’s immediately on guard and waiting for some kind of insult but then the pureblood pulls a fucking nokia flip phone out of their robes and says “ALRIGHT, HOW DO YOU GET THIS TO WORK. I’VE BEEN PRESSING ON THE BUTTONS FOR THE PAST HOUR AND IT HASN’T DONE ANYTHING”

(it needs to be charged)

"I want to be one of those guys that goes out there. Inside the Maze."



make me choose asked me
stiles stilinski or scott mccall




hey kid want to buy some pot [opens coat to reveal numerous kinds of flowers and various types of plants] ted plants

i actually expected a bunch of metal pots and pans for cooking

those are in my other coat

Ned the Pie Maker in every episode → S1E04 - “Pigeon”


my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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